And so the Christmas DIY frenzy begins...

Thursday 30 October, 2014

I often wonder why this time of year is one of our busiest and although it seems crazy for Christmas to have an influence in October, I am sure it has a big effect.

The DIY enthusiasts among us have been slowly plodding away at their latest projects over the summer, in between the barbecues, the summer holidays and the work on the garden. Then the calendars hit October and the wives start twitching. By the time Halloween is here, it is a full on panic with demands being made 'It must be ready by Christmas'. (I feel I can get away with this highly stereotypical statement as a wife who has just made the same demands of the poor person making new curtains for our sitting room!)

The unsuspecting 'DIYer' is then pushed into top gear (The speed not the programme- dreams of a Saturday afternoon watching this are now a distant memory!) ordering everything needed top get the job done as soon as possible. Evenings and weekends consumed with 'getting it finished' as it becomes the top priority.

It is always this frenzy that I imagine as the orders start coming in thick and fast this time of year. 

The good news is with a delivery time of less than two weeks, the stressed DIYer need not fear; his project is still easily able to be finished in time for the visit of Mr Claus. Indeed, it can be finished in time for the decorations to go up. 

Picture rails , newly fitted or otherwise, are perfect for Christmas decorations. Cards can be hung from them, tinsel look great hanging from them and Holly and Mistletoe can be attached for a very festive feel to any room.

So get ordering today and you'll be ready to put your feet up well before the festive day arrives!

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