which historical period to choose

Wednesday 21 January, 2015

If you’re refurbishing a 2 or 3 bed family home or restoring a listed period property, or extending an already-finished property, you’ll want to get every little detail just right.

From skirting boards  to architraves , dado rails  to picture rails , every historical period had their own individual fashions and styles. It’s important if you live in a period property to match your house to the design style used inside.

Likewise, if you’re building a new home, but have a taste for historical features, your keen eye for detail will hunt down just the right style to complement your property and the rest of your décor.

Whether you’re a keen DIYer, new to interior design or property development, or an expert in joinery and period features, we can help you pick the best style for your home.

To the untrained eye, it can be hard to know that the VicarageSkirting is Victorian rather than Georgian, and that the RectoryArchitrave  is Edwardian, for example. Unless you’re aiming for unswerving authenticity, to recreate a room and building which is absolutely as it would have been at that period in time, choose what you like, not what you think you should like!

It can be difficult to know exactly which of our products to opt for, particularly if you’re starting from scratch. Our best advice for restoration projects is always to take inspiration from whatever you have to work with. Perhaps a small piece of skirting remains in place, which can be matched  and recreated for the rest of the room. Maybe you know that the architecture and remaining historical features are Edwardian, in which case we can guide you towards other items which match that particular period.

What if you don’t have any original features remaining to guide you? Or if you’re designing from scratch and you’re not sure where to start? In that case, our advice would be to firstly be guided by the size of the room and the height of the ceilings: Larger rooms, or those with tall ceilings, can take much larger 2 part mouldings such as our Vicarage architrave  and backboard (which looks great in Victorian and Georgian homes) or the more ornate moulding such as the Grange architrave  and backboard  (which suits Victorian properties perfectly).

The status of the room had a large influence historically, so a large formal Georgian or Victorian drawing room is likely to have a more ornate style of moulding such as our Gatehouse Dado Rail . Rooms historically used by maids or other staff would have far smaller, simpler designs such as our 1 part skirtings (Please send us an email for more details on these).

What else you wish to add to the room should also have an influence. If your furniture and curtains are quite simple, you can afford to make a statement with your mouldings. Alternatively, if you already have lots of interest in the room- bold curtains, furniture etc. you will need to balance this with simper profiles such as our Contemporary Architrave  . Do not be too concerned about being true to the historical period of your house. Many historical periods overlap in style, and we’ve worked on Victorian properties with modern skirtings and architraves, as well as contemporary buildings with flamboyant Georgian features. Don’t be too swayed by what ‘should’ be used, and opt instead for what you think works for the individual property, and the purpose of the room. Authenticity isn’t everything!

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